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Be successful, responsibly

Corporate responsibility is the foundation of Atao’s operations. Responsible management of everyday life is verified by economic, ecological and social criteria. Enabling it is at the heart of our Umbrella Interactive software.

ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 quality and security management systems guide Atao Oy’s experts and application developers. For customers, this is reflected in a customer-oriented service, a service process that is constantly being improved, as well as maintaining customer data integrity and confidentiality.

We develop your business

Atao Oy provides expert services and software for ISO-compliant management systems and the publication and management of sustainability data and reports. We will develop with you the quality, processes, management and stakeholder reporting of your company.

Our experts are building standards-based management systems for different industries. Our expertise comes from our experience, especially in industrial quality, environmental, food, occupational health and safety responsibilities.

Leaders of responsibility

Vision: Profitable Responsibility
With the expertise of our specialists and the Umbrella Interactive software, we develop the business of our customers. We pay attention to the business, environmental, occupational health and safety aspects of our customers. Customers stand out as pioneers in their industry.

Mission: Responsible business in Finnish companies
Our products and services contribute to the day-to-day management and responsible communication of responsible corporate customers. Responsibility is reflected in the customer’s business strategy.

Our specialists

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