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Manage by business intelligence and up-to-date data along with digitalizing your business processes cost-effectively.

The Umbrella Interactive software, combined with Atao’s expertise in several industries, enables the digitalization of management and product safety systems complying with ISO standards. It is the most cost-effective way to achieve the certification capability of management and product safety systems.

We promise an efficient schedule and a fixed price for our projects.


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HSQE management system

Food safety system

Why Umbrella Interactive


Digitalization of Business Processes

  • Easy-to-find and -use information about procedures and work instructions with process descriptions
  • Real-time tracking of objectives and goals
  • Easy to take into immediate use


HSQE Manager Service

  • Our specialists have industry-specific expertise and several years of experience in digitizing business processes.
  • They are responsible for digitizing, developing and benefiting management systems for your business.

Umbrella Interactive includes all the necessary functions for automation of management and product safety systems.

Some of our customers

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